About Us

Hey, you might be curious when you see a bicycle with two big wheels. Two over-sized wheels that might be double size a normal bicycle wheels. The smallest width is around 3.80 inches and able to reach 4.90 inches. With this ridiculous apprearance known as "Fatbike" or Snow Bike". "Fatbike" is an extremely versatile bike which is capable of traversing diverse terrain types including snow, sand, desert, bogs, mud, pavement or traditional mountain biking trails.

HHH MY Bike Trading is the first company in Malaysia that specialized in "Fatbike" model. "Fatbike" model is the only model that we have in HHH My Bike Trading. Our company provides sales, service and spareparts support in "Fatbike". We are the one-stop centre for "Fatbike" where you are able to look for "Fatbike's" frames, rims, wheels, hub, paddles, brakes, BB sets and even the inner tubes. Futhermore, HHH My Bike Trading also provide technical, technology and knowledge of "Fatbike". We had brought many famous branded "Fatbike"s from all around the world such as, Surly, Salsa, Cogburn, Xds and etc into Malaysia. HHH My Bike Trading also hereby proudly presents our home brand, Maxtron to all Malaysians who has a passion for this bicycle model.