Privacy Policy

Q: How should I made a payment for the products purchase?

A: Register an account with us for ease of purchase, HHH My Bike Trading accept forms of transferring via ATM transfer, CMD (Cash Deposit Machine), M2u or

Q: What if the product purchase was RM 199, and ATM or CDM do not accept RM 1 as the transfer note?

A: All the forms of notes transferring for payment will be reflected as a credit in store, Therefore, extra form of transferring note will be keep as a credit in store for your next purchase

Q: What if I shall refund of my purchase? 

A: All of the refund only can be made in terms of credit, not for cash refund.

Q: What is the bank direct transfer service available now? 

A: HHH My Bike Trading currently do have RHB Bank direct link for making payment. However, you shall also can use other bank direct transferring service.

Q: What is the bank account number for making payment? 


1. Bank Name: RHB Bank

    Bank Account Name: HHH My Bike Trading

    Bank Account Number: 2141 74000 54799


 2. Bank Name: Alliance Islamic Bank

     Bank Account Name: HHH My Bike Trading

     Bank Account Number: 6404 1001 0021 498